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F1 Ferranti Mark I
F1 Ferranti Mark I console
F1 Ferranti Mark I CRT storage tube
F1 Ferranti Mark I drum
F1 Ferranti Mark I multiplier
F1 Ferranti Mark I Star during commissioning
F2 Ferranti Mercury
F2 Mercury at Manchester University,
with drum cabinets on the right
F2 drum cabinet with doors open
F2 a Mercury drum
F2 Mercury's new graphical output is on the left
F3 Ferranti Pegasus
F3 Pegasus console
F3 a large Pegasus installation
F3 Pegasus drum
F3 Pegasus nickel delay line
F3 Pegasus motor alternator set
F3 Ferranti Perseus
F3 Perseus back wiring
F3 Ferranti Sirius
F3 Sirius delay line and printed circuit boards
F4 Ferranti Orion, artist's impression
F4 Orion 1 processor at West Gorton with doors removed, 1963
F4 Commissioning an Orion at West Gorton
F4 Orion 1 console, showing paper tape
reader and Flexowriter
F4 Orion 1 installation
F5 part of the Ferranti Atlas at
Manchester University
F5 Atlas showing printed-circuit boards
F5 the input & output equipment for the
Atlas computer at Chilton.
F5 the cabinets of the Atlas central processor at Chilton.
F5 the data-preparation area for Atlas at Chilton.
F5 Atlas air conditioning equipment at Chilton.
F5 front & back of an Atlas type 822 pcb
(six flip-flops).
F5 the London Atlas during commissioning
F5 Cambridge Titan (the prototype Atlas 2)
F6 Two Ferranti Poseidon computers under test at Bracknell
F6 Ferranti Hermes
F6 Hermes with door open
F6 Ferranti Apollo under test at Bracknell
F6 Apollo at the Control Centre, Prestwick Airport
F6 Ferranti Argus 100
F6 Ferranti Argus 200
F6 Argus 200 program tray
F6 Argus 200 with control desk
F6 Ferranti Argus 400
F6 Ferranti Argus 600

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